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Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, and Telehealth

For all Canadian physicians

PIPEDA and PHIPA Compliant

"The most secure, compliant, and highly available healthcare cloud platform in Canada."

Canada's all new, all-in-one virtual clinic.

If you're spending too much of your time documenting encounters... Why?

Several major forces have converged recently to make medical dictation and conversation transcription both highly-accurate and ubiquitous. Through our partnership with Microsoft (and powered by their recent $9B acquisition of Nuance Software aka Dragon Naturally Speaking), access to the 'gold standard' for medical dictation and transcription is now available on the Cybermedex Healthcare Cloud. Combined with the recent proliferation of personal digital assistants, low-cost yet highly capable 8-channel microphone arrays are now able to not only capture but also amplify, de-reverb, echo noise cancel, and beam form multiple audio streams simultaneously. There's never been a better time than now to be a healthcare practitioner.

At just $1.75 per 15-minute encounter (or $7 per hour), our conversational transcription service is not only cost effective but also available on any device. Mac, PC, Linux, iPad, iPhone, laptop, tablet, and Android devices can all be used to record and transcribe both in-person and remote encounters. read more...

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